Sunday, 26 July 2009

my saturday

ohhhh man! i'm super farking tired!!!! been doing the shit school stuff the whole night, it's time to rest. BUT!, my mom is sleeping on MY bed. i can't sleep. sighhh!

i feel so stress these few weeks, got really lots of school stuff to do, but i only got 24 hours. i didnt have my dinner today, just didnt feel like eating. now im hungry. very hungry :( almost 2am, no one cook for me and its impossible for me i cool for myself. I'll DIE!

we just had the FASHION SHOW in church! well, it was great and awesome. i'm just lazy to upload pics, so pics are not available hehe :D tomorrow is gonna be another busy day... every day is a busy day. so, i'm learning how to enjoy even a busy day!!

i have lots of work to do tomorrow, like practice piano exam pieces, 3 essays, study all those poems and short stories and many more... i was gonna die yesterday. i just feel like i cant overcome!

but, i know, I'M EXTRA ORDINARY!! and yeah, this is what an extra ordinary person does!

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