Tuesday, 9 June 2009


It's not much time we have together.
I don't know where i go to continue my uni-life, but sure i have to go overseas.
I should be happy cuz i am havin' this chance to study more, gettin' a higher education.
But u know, i don't even know how to cook an egg or maggi or whatever....
How i survive?? ....if i live alone there, lagi kasian....
My parents, especially my dad acts like a garrulous person to me ==
Dad : "sofia!!! i ask u to cook and u go online??"
Me: "i really don't know how to cook ma... =="
Dad: "learn la!!! if someday i send u to another country then u must mati"
Me: "==... yala yala...mati..then go heaven ==..."
Dad: "if u dont know cook...ur future bf also dump u la..."
Me: "before he dump me, i will dump him de....and i'll make sure my bf knows how to cook"
He zha dao ...yay!!! .... now my mum also T.T
I'm not interesting in cooking so that's why i don't learn.

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