Monday, 27 April 2009

problem sloved

i dont know what to write here but I feel like wanna write something so ... i’m gonna say something then

so today I talk about me and stanley la...

all i can say is we’re over, when i say it i really mean it!

so dont ask me anything about stanley because it’s over and we should leave it ...

just like mike says ... past is past!


you know until now i still dont know why i accepted stanley! lol im serious.

I met stanley after I met Mike ...

I knew at that time i already fell in love with Mike but I just kept it as secret

then stanley asked that so i accepted lo ... but still I dont know why i accept thats suxxx!

anyway, its past and PAST IS PAST so we should learn to put the “past” down and keep going our journey


even Mike is so far from me but I still can feel the love with me more and more than stanley by far, absolutely!

how come like that ugh?

but, I’m so glad about that because Mike is more and more and more better than stanley you know

in every way ... like personality... he dont smoke but that stanley ... smoke till his throat painful o!

another thing, its quite wierd... you know I believe Mike more than stanley

like i will worry about stanley just playing around with me, but I’m 100% truse Mike that he’s serious to me

cuz of the way he speaks and his action his everything shows me that he is not a playboy! yeah I can feel it.


yay! i’m going back to school tomorrow. I miss you guys so much you know :( well i will see you later!

its time for me to get back to bed.




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