Wednesday, 22 April 2009

another lame post

an Italian man added me on facebook == i didnt know he was an Italian ... so when he chatted with me, baru saya tau ....

this is our 1st chat :

Tasso: ciao come stai? (hello how are you?)
Sofia: what?
Tasso: non sei italiana? (you're not Italian)
Sofia: no
Tasso: pero lo capicsi (but you understand)
Sofia: what?

then he offline
then he online again
then i just knew he was in Italian cuz i copied what he said to HIM XD ... and he said it was Italian so i zha dao ...

our 2nd chat:

Tasso: ciao (hello)
Sofia: ciao
Sofia: come stai (how are you)
Tasso: bene tu ai imparato l'italiano vedo brava ( well you learned to see the Italian brava )
Sofia: Yes I know appena un po 'solo ( Yes I know just a little 'only )
Tasso: bene (well)
Sofia: Devo andare ora bye bye ( i have to go now bye bye)
Tasso: bye bye

see ... i really understand Italian language so i am able to go Venice lol XD

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