Thursday, 8 January 2009


really miracle 2 days i didnt online, i miss my friends so much LoL, then i online today, manatau, when i online, they all offline le == cuz i had my dinner abt 9.30pm cuz i was super tired then i slept a while---3 hrs.....

when i online, a guy chat with me, still chatting now XD know what he talking abt??? haaaaaiz.......
i dont know in fact... T.T, juz like that lo, what what is the point le......we chat on yahoo everytime, he dont have my hotmail address.....

today, he told me, our conversation:::
he: i love your pics on friendster'
me:lol....then i think how he check me out on friendster
he:they are sexy!!!! and you
me:lol yes they are but im not

we chat very long time, i lazy to blog ba ><, so the point is, how he knows my friendster a/c de...not the same address ==

and 1 more thing, time =$$$$$..... LOL

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