Thursday, 25 December 2008

big tag

1.Full name: Sofia Yong
2. Birthday: nov 19th
3. School: Secondary Tshung Tsin Sabah School
4. Residensy: kk
5. Family: dad, mum, bro, grandpa n grandmum n me!!
6. Physical appearances: emo lol
7. Personality: naughty
8. Good Qualities: friendly...especially on chatting XP
9. Bad Qualities: lazy..waste time n $$$$$
10. Hobbies:!!!!! ...sleeping and musics too :D
11. Religion: christian
12. Height: 163cm??
13. Weight: 50 smth gua...
14. Blood type: O?? 0.0
15. Shoes size: usa mens:9 uk:8 that more clearly??
16. Favorite Genre of music: rocks one
17. Favorite Singer: all la
18. Favorite Season: autumn
19. Favorite Food: ice cream!!! and all japanese foods.... damn im hungry ==
20. Place i want to go: how many times this question...i dont say you guys also know de la XD
21. My ideal lover: uumm...thinking
22. My worries as of now: that thing la ><
23. First love: .SKIP!!! XD
24. Alcohol-Tolerance: ha??
25. Drinking habits: .no la still under 18
26. Most important friends: all of them la XD
27. Prized Possession: primary school..i forgot.....
28. When I look the best: the time when i wake up every 'morning' XP
29. When I look sexiest: lol
30. What's in your pocket: handphone..wallet...
31. First time drinking: ehmm
32. Favorite colours:
33. Thing you want from your significant other: care,love bla bla
34. Age you want to get married: wahh still 17 o man
35.What you do when you're home alone: online..listening
36. Habits: online!!!! and day dream
37. Highest placement in school: 'good' student ??
38. Difference between men and women: women more!! XP
39. If you were born again, man or woman: woman of cuz
40. What you think you were in your previous life: erri dont know
41. If the person you loved cheated on you: slap his/her ass
42. Favorite show: .none
43. What you want to do when it rains: sleep la XD
44. If you were on a deserted island, what you take:what i take?? XD
45. How many kids: wah wah..this question amazes me ==
46. Who do you want to see the most: someone lo XD
47. Favorite snacks: lol
48. Allowance: when no $$$ then just ask for $$$$
49. Favorite restaurants: wagamama!!!!
50. To be dumped or do you dump: i dump
51. Why did you write the answer to the question above: cus i did la ><
52. What I want right now: fly to new york and london
53. When do you think you’ve grown up: ya o when arrr
54. Country you want to go to: ask
55. What you think about other people: good + bad??
56. What would you do if you confessed to a girl: ....
57. Place you want to go with your other: all counties around the world
58. Ideal vacation spot: paris
59. Favorite Tv show: fei question
60. I feel happy: when talk to them :)
61. Most recent movie watched: dont know
62. Movie watched with the most feeling: touched..sad..happy??
63. Could you marry someone else for the person you loved: no way
64. What you want to do for the person you love: SKIP !!!1
65. I want to die when: i finish my mission :)
66. You think you’re a player: i guess
67. If you found 100k in the road: wahh..i will be shocked
68. When you were most hurt: when the person i loved betrays me!! ><
69. I hate guys that are: those boys who think they have many gfs..and like to act cool..n juz play
70. I hate girls that are: 狐狸精! n those girls who think they have many bfs ==
71. If you were to become invisible:....why i should be invisible hu??
72. When someone makes you mad: that girl who tagged me this XD
73. Favorite saying: i love london
74. If someone you met for the first time were to ask for you number: skip that ppl la
75. Nicknames: muffin..darlie ==
76. First thing you do in the morning: open my eyes
77. The most important thing in the world: my God
78. When you were happiest: i happy when i can online ==
79. When you were saddest: i sad when i cant online ==
80. Does anyone hurt you before: of cuz!!
81. How:like this lo
82. Then: like that lo
83. So: so lo
84. Define family:....
85. What are you planning for future: i dont know
86. Your afraid of: those peopels who lessbian or bisexual
87. If your about to die now: aww...
88. Would you consider Plastic surgery: good idea....
89. Who you wanna be: i know
90. Things you wanna do now: stop answering
91. Most embarrassing moments: talking with an old guy
92. You can: online
93. You can't: online
94. You really hate it when: someone tag me XD
95. You'll judge a person by: by their character??
96. People mostly judge you: my mum n dad!! ><
97. 3 words to describe yourself: naughty..stupid...'good' girl
98. 3 words of how people describe you:ask them la...
99. Are you on diet: i guess
100. Last thing i want to say: very very annoying this tag..

people i wanna tag: girl
2.mao mao
4.miss joie

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