Saturday, 29 November 2008

Youth Revival Rally

i attended a Youth Revival rally just now, yea..its very very nice...speaker is ps. Jay :) He shared about something very important, thats why i want write here :)
I have learnt something today, i should share gospel to my friends, parents, even a stranger also. I just realised that, how hard to bring a person to church, how much time i should spend, no matter what.. I know its worthy. Just to save a life from being go to hell. Cuz i dont know see them in hell..i love them. Heaven and Hell are so real...
I'm not trying to terrify you, but its a truth, i just say it :) and i really wish you guys realise that you're special, God has a super unique plan in your life, and YOU!! are the prince/princess of God. Just believe in Him :)
I confess my sins, sometimes i lazy, just online everyday online there :( i didnt share gospel of God because i think no matter what i say..what i do, they wont believe me, so better i dont talk about this.

But when i heard what ps.Jay said..he said dont give up anything, maybe its so hard to invite a friend come to church, because need spend a lots time to invite her..but its doesnt matter :) and one thing he said, its really true...i can do everything like inviting friends come to church, sharing dont give any excuse to myself again like "who am i o? why me share gospel to them come, i dont know how to invite them..." these all excuses >< NO MORE EXCUSES!!!

hey man, maybe you think that i really crazy, stupid or whatever doesnt matter..whatver you like la~ i wanted write here..i did :) God'll bless M'sia :)

this is ps.Jay from New York City...very powerful pastor :) God bless

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