Wednesday, 19 November 2008

LCCI + B'day

woke up at 6am today..then started my revision..mc2~ whatever...haiz..the exam ar...what questions laid de o~ so hard one...when exam was going on..i dont know exciting the tme after the exam LOL!! just dreaming lo..actually..i readlly dont know i could pass or not..cuz it was not so easy as i thought about !@#$%*$%#!!!!
well..its past...we all celebrating my b'day..and this was making me so happy and forgot about my LCCI exam..hehe..good lerr :p we were having lunch time at japanese restaurant there..and we spent about 200++...i wanted to pay also de...these guys ar!!!!!! >< class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_1">dao its very nice gift :) so impress..serioulsy! all i can say is..THANK YOU FRIENDS~!~!~!~!~! (:


  1. walao..
    i can see u vy high...
    coz i totally dono wat're u writing here!!

  2. lol..what o?? u more high la~~ XP