Sunday, 16 November 2008

go go hk~~ go go hk~~

feel so tired today..slept at 1am then need to wake up before 7am ==..after that..go to church and after that have bk tuition lagi!!! from 1 to 6pm... and i havent have my lunch time la..tired+ hungry+lazy...haiz..really very happy :p tu..the joanne ba~~ "go go london" there LOL!! tired also faded away o xD i just saying the truth only ma ;) and nee maybe dont know today got tuition== she says no one fetch her to come tuition lol zhadao== its so pity nee dont come here :( just like do do past year questions...i did one LCCI exam question year 2007 de...wasai~~ wt* o!!! so hard man== so i just did 6 questions in 5 hours tuition..not bad la kan??i just hope that the exam questions that i'm going to take are not hard like a tut tut :) and what i learnt today is...bofit!!!! xDDDDD someone must know what is BOFIT means!!! muahahahha :))))))


  1. hey london!!!go go london~~~i know wat is bopit!!haha

  2. lol hk!! hehe..yea...only we know that lol XD go go hk~ go go hk~~