Sunday, 26 October 2008


see these pics...

ehm...about this know right?? not need my explanation..but i want you know that..this is Dave Ming Chang...!!! xDDDD

this i Must explain..cuz you must dont know who is this...NOT LONDON k!!!
when i searched the pics of D.M.C.
i saw this pic..and...
he also DAVE MING CHANG but from Korea one..
hehe... SWT!!!

and this is SEXY HUNTER!!!! hehe...i also shocked when i found this pic..LOL
sorry ya i dont have the original one..
this also not bad lo!! xDDDD

this is not the original one of course...

but this is the male SEXY still meh??

bok bok lagi sexy la!!!hehe... dont damn me!!

and the pics below i about HSM de!!

see his action..he's saying..RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW~!!!

right here right now what lerr??

see the pic below...

he wants us see his children dancing ==

this pic is the same guy as the above..

he asked her wife: CAN I HAVE THIS DANCE?

then her wife said: Yes honey!!


and this pic was taked on their 1st wedding anniversary

they danced again....==

and the husband also said the same words to his wife