Saturday, 25 October 2008

feel happy but very tired man!! cuz i went out the whold day..and i slept at 2.30am woke up at 10am..and then started my day..went to shopping malls..and i saw my commerce teacher with her BF eating there..her BF help her carried her bag..and after that..went to wisma..saw Golden and her GF also =.= her GF dressed so nice but he always dressed like a SPORT MAN!! LOL..haha......and today..i really spent a lot of $$...bought 3 clothes and 1 slipper..i think...and went to a hotel called Bella Italia Hotel...having dinner aet pizzas and pasta..and juices there...something like that la..=.= from 5pm something to 6 pm something...just eating eating eating there...nothing to do...i was hearing the songs...their songs really very suitable for CLEMENT you know!! now you know what type of songs right?? hehe...and the dinner really...delicious of the price also...haha:):) spent about $60..if i not wrong then xP so..thats all my day...and i didnt take any pic..sorry ya..cuz i lazy and my mom COMMAND me not to take pics!! T.T anyway..still a nice day even though its raining the whole day =)))))

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