Tuesday, 28 October 2008

'another' us~~

i really bored this afternoon..so i searched pics again..
let me explain to you..cuz you must dont know who are them!!
when i typed 'shien po'..i saw this pic...
so this is shien po..see...soo cool
when i typed 'nee hui woon'...
saw this pic...this pic also not so bad la kan??
lol xDDDDD

and this...when i searced 'bok bok'...
wasaiii....never seen before this man sooo handsome...
just like bok bok...also ham ka ling!!
heeh xDDDDD

am not just searched you guys lo..i searched myself also!!
this is me..LOL nice pic also..but seems like bit old lerr~

really bored this afternoon..
then shien po and me searched
'mickey mouse without make up'
and this pic is... ==
lame..dont blame me yaar~~